Do you long for true love? Money? World peace? Or just a holiday in the sunshine? Make a New Year’s wish and hang it on our wishing tree.

Since the 18th century, people have been flocking to the Lam Tseun banyan trees at the Tin Hau temple outside of Hong Kong to burn incense and hang their New Year’s wishes on the temple’s banyan trees. If the wish stays on the branches, then it is meant to be worthy and will be granted. (The practice was temporarily discontinued in 2005 to preserve the trees, but people still come to the temple to hang their wishes on wooden lattices.)

At China Sichuan we are proud to have our own wishing tree. Its branches are decked with lucky red ribbons. Its trunk is surrounded by lucky oranges. If you want to hang a wish on one of its branches, it is easy to do so. Think of what you want and fix it in your heart. Send your wish to us at the restaurant and we will tie it to a branch. Fancy making a wish for someone else? Click here. And next time you are here with us at the restaurant you can tie a wish to the tree yourself.

It is our hope that what you long for will come true.

Traditionally, people wish for prosperity and good health, but feel free to use your imagination. Wish for world peace, a clean environment, a sunny summer, or even leaving certs without tears. Looking for inspiration? Here’s a few to get you started:

A purse full of money, and a heart full of honey.
Another U.S. President.
Three weeks of summer sunshine.
Another fifty wishes.
To have great abs and eat my cake too.
365 peaceful mornings.
Marie Kondo in my hot press.
Friends that are witty, and a love life that’s spicy..

At least one belly laugh a day…