Can we remind or all our customers that…

The Sandyford 5K Race will take place next Thursday, 27th September, 2018!

To avoid any unnecessary disruptions, we are providing you with some useful information the organisers kindly pass on to us. Perhaps some of you will be participating?

Good luck to everyone!

Additional arrangements being put in place to mitigate disruption on Carmanhall Road, Ballymoss Road, Arkle Road

Thursday, September 27th 2018.

  1. VMS signage will be located specifically on Carmanhall Road for one week prior to the event
  2. Lampost posters will be displayed in the area and flyers will specifically target businesses, residents and traffic on the roads affected in the fortnight prior to the event.
  3. Flyers will be posted at pay and display machines.
  4. Access to free parking at Luas Car Park (Stillorgan) will be promoted and highlighted prior to the event for local businesses on Ballymoss Road.
  5. Club will arrange senior stewards with walky-talkies on the junctions of Carmmanhall Road with Blackthorn Road, Arkle Road, Three Rock Road and Ballymoss Road junctions.
  6. Traffic will be allowed enter Ballymoss Road via Carmanhall Road via Blackthorn Road until 19.20 This will allow traffic to exit Ballymoss Road via Carmanhall Road via Blackthorn Road until 19.30.
  7. Traffic will be allowed to exit Ballymoss Road onto Carmenhall Road from 19.45 and gradually dispersing onto Blackthorn Road. Similar timings would apply to traffic entering and exiting Arkle Road.
  8. A Garda will be on duty on Carmenhall Road and can change these timings at the Garda’s discretion. He will also be provided with the names of any guests who have booked a meal in Sichuan restaurant and ensure they are afforded every assistance and priority.
  9. Traffic will be let out from Ballymoss Road onto Blackthorn Road after 19.50 and along with traffic from Arkle Road will be queued to exit via Carmanhall Road / Blackthorn Road junction as decided by Garda on duty
  10. Tail walkers will be moved onto path down Blackthorn Road from 20.15 at the latest.