Sichuan Ginger & Garlic Pork Shreds


Make a China Sichuan Pork Fish Fragance meal at home for two. Fish Fragrance Sauce is also know as Ginger Garlic Sauce.

Keep Refrigerated at 5C or Below. Once open consume within 24hrs.

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Everything you need to make the Classic China Sichuan Pork Fish Fragrance meal for two at home.

Did you know that there’s no fish in a Sichuan fish fragrance sauce?

Meal pack includes pork tenderloin, our homemade pickled pepper and “fish fragrance” sauces.

If you would prefer tofu or vegetables with your Fish Fragrance Sauce see

Get Sichuan on your table in twenty minutes!

  • Pork
  • Pickled Pepper Sauce (Contains: fresh peppers, vodka, chili paste, Sichuan pepper)
  • Fish Fragrance Sauce (Contains: white vinegar, sugar, salt, onion)
  • Kung Po Sauce
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • scallion
  • potato flour
  • rice
  • scallion

Allergens: soya, gluten (wheat)

Food business operator: China Sichuan
A nutrition declaration (note date of application): Exempt
Country of Origin: N/A

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